World Trade Centre @Vientiane

World Trade Center "WTC" will be an INTEGRATED landmark, a self sustaining ultrapolis that is set to be a flourishing focal point for lifestyle, leisure and business in Vientiane.

The word “full-option city” as a combination of city’s factors into one place. By that it means, they will combine a Luxury Skyscraper Office Tower, shopping center namely Naga Mall, Five-Star Hotels, Food & Beverage services and other economic factors in one place, in the WTC project. Those factors will build a firm and strong economic base which in turn will develop the country’s economy in a faster growth rate.

In addition, WTC will become a socio-economic center where the domestic products are promoted more and more. It will also attract both local and foreign investors. All of these will create great opportunities to Laos in order to promote the image of Laos as well as its culture.

They believe that after the WTC completion, their project will remain top in the country as well as achieve a number of successes particularly by becoming the biggest shopping center in the country and meet the consumers’ demands perfectly. The company also aims that the WTC will play a vital role in improving economy in Laos and approaching it to the global level step by step.

World Trade Center is built especially for Vientiane as well as Vientiane residences. It is believed that the project will not just change the people’s lifestyle instead becomes a great support for the economic development in the country.




Development Information

Who is the Developer?

Lao International Development

Where is the location of World Trade Center and what are its surrounding development?

  • WTC@Vientiane Capital
  • Located around 1.5 kilometers from the from central Avenue Lane Xang
  • Close proximity of 20 mins to Wattay International Airport
  • Right next to newly developed shopping center of Vientiane Center
  • At the heart of the city of Vientiane

Surrounding Main Locations

  • Talat Sao Morning Market
  • Talat Sao Bus Station
  • French Embassy
  • Presidential Palace of Laos
  • Chou Anouvong Park
  • Mahosot Hospital

Why World Trade Center is a Good Investment?

The NAGA MALL Adjacent to Central Plaza Mall which is owned & managed by Thailand’s largest mall operators.

This project will remain top in the country as well as achieving a number of successes, particularly by hosting the biggest shopping center in the country.

WTC will play a vital role in improving and spearheading economy in Laos and approaching it to the global level.

The shopping mall will cover an area of estimated 200.000 square meters and boast a decorated green natural area with large gardens and parking lots that can accommodate 3000 vehicles, with a modern air condition system and 6 electric elevators and 12 escalators. The Commercial Fashion Street will include restaurants, an IT center, electric toy center, a 3D cinema and brand name shops. World Classed 5 Star Hotels & Residences, 150 meters by height Commercial Skyscraper, Apartments and etc. All these factors are good investments for this new emerging country and market.